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About PlayChess

The PlayChess site has been "invented" and created during spring and summer 2000.

The idea was to create a system for web-based email-chess tournaments. All events during a tournament life cycle, like enrollment, pairing of players, making moves, rating calculations, promotion and demotion, should be handled fully automatically.

Such a system did not exist on the web at this time.


The PlayChess system is a CGI application written in Perl. It runs on UNIX systems (currently Linux) with the Apache webserver. The machine consists of some 10000 lines of Perl code.

Thomas Stahl

The Author

The PlayChess machine has only one author - me, Thomas Stahl from Germany. I develop software since my university days (Physics, not computer science). Currently, I am working in the field of "Electronic Publishing". I am 43 years old, married and have two children (Selina and Leonard).

Postal address Thomas Stahl
Im Niederried 31
63486 Bruchkoebel
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The price for a 468 x 60 banner (less than 12K, no more than 5 loops) is only 2$ for 1000 page impressions on any page (or pages) you choose. Prices for other formats (buttons, mini buttons) may be requested.

Minimum purchase is 5000 impressions. You may distribute these impressions on any number of days (e.g. 100 impressions per day). Banners will be placed near the top of the page for maximum response.

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