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Editor's Choice
How annotate?
Why annotate?

Annotated Games: Editor's Choice

The following annotated games are my favorites.

These games do not appear here because they are elected democratically, but just because I like them. I hope my personal taste is good enough to present a selection of the very best analysed games.

I nearly forgot: Both players (and eventually the annotator, if different) get 5-10 Grand Prix Points for their contribution.

whatsleft2 - Zeus (HCL-A159-10)

Morra gambit (1.e4 c5 2.d4). This game has been played in class A, not in one of the master classes. But nevertheless Black succeeds in moving chess theory one step further - it's incredible! And if you are not interested in opening theory: just enjoy a short, but excellent game.

You might like to study the analysis of Capablancanot, too.

ffp - Gearloose (HCL-E002-1)

Benko gambit (5.b6.) This positional game evolves from a new idea in the Benko gambit. On first sight it seems to be unspectacular, but the fine positional moves on both sides of the board and the excellent annotations make it a jewel amongst the analysed games at PlayChess.

Read and learn from this game, fellow patzers!
These two chess experts help us improve our play - for free.

maxcoco - EKALAYA (HCL-B031-6)

This game is not spectacular, nor does it excel in positional play. So why do I show it here? Because it is analysed by both players and by an independant annotator. Their opinions differ quite a bit. I like this kind of "discussion" on a game.

You must read the other two annotations of maxcoco and Lindam as well to see the point in my choice.

Lindam - Nils (ACL-A012-29)

A great game. Strong positional and tactical play on both sides, spiced up with an innovation in the 7th move of the Trompowsky attack. The final tactical blow looks like a move of Kasparov.

The annotations of Lindam (one of the strongest players here) are very instructive.

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