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Why bother to pay cash for PlayChess…?

EKALAYA - a premium member  

…when everything on the Net is free, right?

Well, not anymore I'm afraid. With the dotcom bubble bursting and hundreds of dotcom companies folding down every day, Internet operators are now frantically trying to think up effective means to make money on their "virtual business". They have to re-learn the simple home truth that nothing beats the feel of cash.   Read more…

  Thomas Stahl

Why do I ask for money?

PlayChess has been a free site for about 1½ years. So you might wonder why PlayChess mutates from a "play for free" to a "pay for play" site. And you may ask what the money will be used for. I will answer these questions honestly.   Read more…

Why you shouldn't play chess at PlayChess


There was a time when I was playing chess behind a real chess board. I still do that, but there is something very wrong with me. I let PlayChess convince me that this chess site washes whiter than white. As the fool I was I took a peek inside, and now I'm trapped. I'm doomed. I want to get out, but I can't. Professional help failed. The psych I visited needed to study PlayChess to understand my disorder better, but after his first login his secretary cancelled all my appointments, as now he himself is in a straightjacket, trying to get rid of his PlayChess addiction himself.   Read more…

To boldly cheat where no one has cheated before ...


Chess and the Internet, a wonderful combination. Always an opponent. There is no need to drag your neighbour inside when he's sneaking past your window, taking the dog for a walk. There's no need to go to the local chess club and see that ugly opponent of yours in real - yuck, does he only wear one t-shirt all year long? Is that his deodorant or a dead skunk?

No Sir, forget it. Just sit in front of your computer, login to one of the many (often free) chess servers and play. Play blitz, play a nice standard game, or play a correspondence game, here, on Chess World for instance.   Read more…

Me? Publishing MY analysis?


You can win free Grand Prix points at PlayChess with analysing your games. That is a nice idea. So I will get my Grand Prix points for free. Well, nearly free, as I have to analyse a game to get them.

Are you reluctant to publish your analysis here? Are you afraid you will be laughed at, because of your lousy analysis?   Read more…

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