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If you have a message that does not fit into any of the other forums.
Public   Thomas
09-Dec-14 11:58 AM
175 Topics
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New Features
You have a proposal how to improve the PlayChess site? Here is the place to submit it to the general public (and me) for discussion.
Public 19-Oct-13 02:39 PM
34 Topics
215 Messages

Discuss interesting variants of openings or finished games
Public   Thomas
13-May-12 10:47 AM
8 Topics
19 Messages

If you are on leave for more than a week, you may leave a note here for your opponents.
Public 04-Jul-12 11:16 AM
3 Topics
-3 Messages

Questions on the rules and procedures of the site: How can I do the following...?
Public 17-Jan-13 06:30 PM
8 Topics
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Error Reports
The site does not work as expected? Report a description of the bug.
Public   Thomas
19-Aug-14 04:32 PM
36 Topics
54 Messages

Test Forum
Use this forum to get acquainted with the PlayChess Message Boards. You may try out posting messages without disturbing other visitors.
Public   Thomas
14-Oct-08 06:06 PM
17 Topics
40 Messages

Announcements, tipps and tricks, questions and answers and discussion of the translation system.
Public   Thomas
22-Oct-06 04:21 PM
29 Topics
127 Messages

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