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Games and tournaments

Tired of playing chess? Or just no longer in the mood?

Let's stroll around our "tournament halls" and have a look over the shoulders of other players. You might see a new variant of your favourite opening, a nice tactical idea or something else that helps improve your play. But at the very least it will be fun to see what other players do.

Variant Explorer

Explore the PlayChess database with the Variant Explorer. You can navigate through the variant tree and analyze your chances with the different opening variants. The games found can be displayed and downloaded as PGN.

Swiss tournaments

Large tournaments played with the Swiss tournament system. More than 100 players can play in such tournaments. Each player meets opponents that (roughly) won the same number of games. In most cases, you have to play 9 games - in a row, not in parallel.

League tournaments

Find open, running or finished tournaments in any of the regular leagues ACL, HCL or CCL.

Private games: open challenges

Find other players looking for a casual game - or challenge anybody for a game.

Annotated games

Games played here at PlayChess, annotated by the players.

Thematic tournaments

Every game of these tournaments is played with the same opening variant.
Only members of PlayChess can participate in these tournaments.


Recently played games

See all games finished this month with a viewer applet.
(You need a Java enabled browser for this feature)

Download games

Download the games played here at PlayChess in compressed PGN format.

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