Finished games

This page shows the finished, rated games of that player.

On top of the list of finished games, you see a graphical representation of the rating development of that player. You can point the mouse over the columns to see the corresponding rating.

Finished games: meaning of the columns
Game These links lead you to the game pages.
Date The date when that game ended.
Pts The points won by the player in this game (win = 1 point, draw = ½ point, loss = 0 points).
Color The piece color of the player in this game (w = White, b = Black).
Opponent Name of the opponent in this game. The brackets show the rating of the opponent before the game ended. You can click on the player name for detailed information.
PCR The PlayChess Rating of the player after that game.
Anno This column shows if (and when) this game has been annotated by the player. You can click on the annotation date to open an existing annotation. If you click on no, a new annotation is created for you.

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