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Private games of ABE

The following list contains only those games that are visible to the public.

Private Games
Game Click on the entries in this column Pts Color Opponent Click on the entries in this column Date Anno Click on the entries in this column
PRV-070202 0 w fireinthesky 2018-01-19 no
PRV-071453 0 w fireinthesky 2019-03-03 no
PRV-071458 1 w fireinthesky 2019-03-10 no
PRV-069569 0 b Golfscorer 2017-04-30 no
PRV-071441 0 b fireinthesky 2019-03-03 no
PRV-071468 0.5 b fireinthesky 2019-03-12 no
PRV-060769 1 b sapu67 2012-03-02 no
PRV-047135 1 w CrAcK 2009-03-23 no
PRV-046971 1 b Dr INFieRNo 2009-03-13 no
PRV-046970 1 w Dr INFieRNo 2009-03-13 no

Game. Click to open the games.
Opponent. Leads you to the info page of that player.
Anno. Click to create a new annotation or see an existing one.

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