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The Rules of Chess

Playing chess here on this site follows the FIDE rules of chess - as far as applicable to web-based slow-time-control-play. Deviations from the FIDE rules are described in the tournament rules section.

The official chess rules can be found in many places on the web. We will not repeat them here. Instead, we give you some addresses where you may find the presentation of the rules that best suites your needs.

Chess for Kids

An excellent introduction to chess (not only for kids!). The chess rules can be found in their "How to Play" section. They provide short but rather complete courses on rules, tactics and strategies. If you can solve their "Chess Puzzles", you know enough about chess to play a tournament here at PlayChess.

Live On The Net

They provide a very good description of the chess rules on one single page.

The chess pages of offer several introductory pages on the rules of chess.

Further reading

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