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As a "member" of PlayChess you are invited to analyse and annotate your games played on this site. Yes, you may even analyse the games of other players.

Why should I do that? Please read Jeroen's excellent article on chess analysis. He will convince you that chess analysis can be fun.

How can I annotate my games?

This requires three easy steps:

  1. Click on one of the "annotate" links of the game
  2. Enter your comments
  3. Store your annotation

1. Finding the annotate link

There are several links that lead to the annotation of a game.

  • On the game page there is a link Annotate on the right, when the game is over.
  • The list of your finished games on your player statistics page has annotation links in its right-most column.
  • If someone else already wrote an annotation of that game, it has a button "Annotate this game" at the end, allowing you to write an annotation of that game yourself.

2. Enter your comments

The game opens in annotation mode. It contains all the moves (of course), the names of the players and other fixed data. You supply your comments and select which positions should be displayed as diagrams.

The annotation page contains detailed instructions, therefore, I will only show a page preview here:

3. Store your annotation

After entering your comments click on any of the "Store" buttons. Your annotation is immediately visible in the annotation directory. You can supplement your annotation at any time.

Can I annotate games of other players?

Yes. If you see an interesting and finished game, click on the Annotate link on the right side of the game page.

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