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Premium membership

Become a permanent member of PlayChess! By subscribing to PlayChess membership, you get all the advanced features for the best possible price.

Membership term

The Premium membership does not end automatically. You pay the membership fee periodically every 6 or 12 months until you unsubscribe from PlayChess membership.


Premium members may play up to 80 games at the same time. They have full access to the advanced features of PlayChess.


You pay by subscribing to PlayChess like you probably do in your ordinary chess club. Simply pay your membership fee by "standing order".
There are two variants:

  • you will be charged 12 EUR every 6 months
  • you will be charged 22 EUR every 12 months
Please notice that Premium membership is more comfortable and costs less than Standard membership.

Important hint. The Premium membership is only available via PayPal subscription. You must use the payment buttons on the Pay online page. A "free" money transfer (with PayPal or otherwise) will only pay you a Standard membership.
If you cannot use this service, you should buy a Standard membership and use one of the offline payment methods.

End of membership

You can unsubscribe from membership at the PayPal site or by sending an email to PlayChess. At the end of the current (already paid) membership period, you are taken back to (permanent) Guest membership. As a Guest, you can finish all your running games - even if they exceed the allowed number for Guests.


Purchase Premium membership

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