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As a registered player, you should always enter the PlayChess site on the login page. Some pages are reserved for registered players and cannot be seen by casual visitors. Making moves, enrolling in new tournaments and annotating games is only possible after logging in.

Please enter your player name and your password carefully. Both are case-sensitive ("John" and "john" are different words).

If you check the remember this checkbox, your player name and your password are stored in a cookie on your computer (permanent cookies must be activated in your browser). The next time you visit this page, your player name and password will then be filled, and you need not enter them again.

Careful: Don't check this box when using a foreign computer!
Others could enter PlayChess using your player name (and play your games), then.

The login button leads you to your player homepage.

I forgot my password

This is no problem in most cases. As long as you know your player name and entered your email address correctly at registration, you can advise the system to send your current password again to that email address.

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