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Why register?

You can play here and evaluate the site for free (for 3 months). But you need a player name to see the pages that are specific to you: running tournaments and games, making moves and so on. PlayChess needs your email address (see our privacy statement) to send your password, move notifications and tournament status messages to you.

The registration dialog

You enter your name, email address and a rough estimation of your playing strength. Some additional data are for statistical use only (see our privacy statement).


Nickname. Please select your nickname carefully, because it cannot be changed lateron. Case is important: "Sixty4", "sixty4" and "SIXTY4" are all different player names.

Playing strength. Your playing strength determines your initial tournament class, but does not influence your own rating. It influences the rating of your first opponents, so please be realistic.
If you have no idea what your rating is, because you never played in a chess club, you should choose a rating between 800 and 1100. This allows you to play in tournament class C of the Human Chess League (HCL).
Your rating in the Advanced Chess League (ACL) will be set to 1500, regardless of the HCL rating you entered in this dialog.

Masters. Players of master strength should register with a rating of 2100. Then send an email with your player name, your real name, and your records from other chess organisations. Please don't enroll in any tournaments until I changed your class and rating accordingly (normally within 1-2 days).

Computer programs. You can test your chess program under the conditions of correspondence chess. Let it play with other programs in the tournaments of the Computer Chess League (CCL). Or use it as your assistant in the Advanced Chess League (ACL). But never use your program in the Human Chess League (HCL), this league is reserved for humans only.

If you want to test your program versus other chess software, please register the program as a computer player for the CCL. But if you want to use it as your assistant in your games, then you should register (as a human) and enroll in the computer-assisted ACL tournaments.


The registration email

After clicking on the "Next page" button, your input is presented to you again. Please check the player name and your email. If everything is correct, you should select the "Register" button.

This sends your secret password to the email address you entered. It should arrive there within minutes. This mail contains your preliminary password, some instructions and a link to the login page.

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