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Become a translator

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PlayChess needs translators for many languages. The whole process depends on a team of translators for each language. These teams should be made up from 2-6 players.

Being a PlayChess translator is very responsible work. I understand only few of the planned languages, hence I cannot easily control the quality of your translations. Each team is on its own: translating new pages and updating translations when something in the English original has changed are the responsibility of the team. The team members cross-check each others translations to avoid errors.

The translators can decide themselves how much work they do. Nobody is forcing you to translate X pages each week! With only 2 hours per week you could do a lot. Any help is welcome - if you do not have the time to translate yourself, you could help PlayChess by occassionally testing the translations.

Amount of work

How much work is to be done? I cannot tell exactly; the following numbers are rough estimates.

  • 300 translation files
  • 2000 text snippets
  • 20000 words
These number clearly indicate that there is a lot of work to be done. I translated 25% of the German pages myself (in part time). It took me several weeks. Even a strong team of 6 translators will need some weeks for a (nearly) complete translation of the site. But even if only the most important pages would be translated, this alone would be a big help for many players.

The ideal translator

You are still interested in this "job"? Lots of work and no money?
Well, I will try to further scare you off... with a wink

Even if PlayChess has only little to offer, I must be "picky" with the translators, because I transfer so much responsibility to them. Translators should fulfill the following criteria:

  • The target language is your native language.
  • You understand my English very well.
  • You are using PlayChess for at least 3 months.
  • You have a basic understanding of web technology.
Unless we "know" each other since long, please tell me a little about your background. Forgive my curiosity, but I would like to know you, before I transfer so much responsibility.

Benefits for translators

In exchange for your work you get a full membership. The more pages you translate, the longer your membership will be. If you are already a paying member, your membership will be prolonged correspondingly.

I have not yet determined how much membership you get per translation. But PlayChess will reward translators very generously. A good translator will never pay for his membership again.

You will see new features and improvements much earlier than normal users. In most cases, you enjoy the new features weeks or even months ahead.

With your work you are doing PlayChess a big favour - and I will be very grateful. As a translator you will get VIP treatment: Your needs and wishes will be priority one for me.

Apply as translator

You really want to help me? Great!

linkPlease send an email with the following:

  • your native language
  • real name
  • player name
  • where do you live?
  • your age
  • your chess background
  • profession
Am I asking too much? Maybe. Simply tell me as much as you like.

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