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Approval of translations

For every human-translated language there is a team of translators that create and approve translations of pages and components. Each team consists of two or more translators that cross-check each other's translations. This is called the approval process of the translation system.

A translation will only be considered for publication after the approval of a second independent person from the translation team. But the whole team will see every translation when it is stored.

Approve, decline or correct?

Depending on the state of a translation file, the translation system displays the translation with or without input fields. In the latter case, the system expects you to approve or decline the translation of your team mate. If you decline the translation, you should notify the translator about your reasons.
Alternatively, you can switch roles and correct the translation yourself. Then, anybody from your team will have to approve your changes.

Example of an approval page

You should carefully read a translation before approving it. By clicking on the Approve button, you take responsibility for this translation. Declining a translation should not be considered as offensive for the translator. The approving person acts as a "security net" and helps the translator with his difficult task.

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