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Change management

The biggest challenge with a multi-lingual site is change. New features are invented, new pages created and old ones modified. These changes should be quickly reflected in the translations of all languages.

Translator's view

The problem for translators is mainly:

  • What pages are new?
  • What pages have changed?
  • Where exactly are the updated texts on the changed pages?

The answer to the first two questions is simple: please check your translator's homepage. You will find the new or updated files at the top. (PlayChess will do that)

  change marks

The third problem is solved by our difference algorithm that detects changes automatically. This program adds change marks to the English translation file. This way you can easily see, which text passages are new or changed - or no longer used.

Change marks

The change marks are on the left of the input fields:
N An English text has been added by PlayChess (New) - please translate.
C An English text has been changed by PlayChess; please adapt your translation correspondingly.
D This text has been deleted by PlayChess. Your translation is no longer used here. But maybe you like to use parts of it in other text fields? If not, you can simply ignore these texts.
T This text is (probably) not translated yet - please do.

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