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Special input fields

Technically, all input fields are equivalent. You can enter anything you like into these fields, no matter if it corresponds to a page heading or a near-invisible mouse-over text.

However, some translated texts are used in contexts, where formatting is forbidden. Some texts are completely invisible, but (nevertheless) very important.

Page title

This field is used as window title and as the main heading of the page. Because of the first, it must not contain any formatting or links!

Page titles are extremely important. The visitor should be able to identify the page by its title. Furthermore, she should know (or at least: have a good guess) what the page is all about. And the title must be short. Finding a good page title is not an easy task due to these conflicting requests.

  Special fields: search engine and page title

Links leading to a page should use the page title (or something very similar) as their displayed text.

Search engines

Search robots (Google etc.) use two hidden fields: keywords and description of a page.

The keywords are used to improve the search. For example: the word "chess" is not used on this page. So how can the search engine know that a search for "chess" should include it? Answer: "chess" is one of the hidden keywords on this page.

The hidden description field is displayed on the search results page (of Google). This description should always refer to a specific page (not the site in general).

Most translation files have a section search engines with those two fields (keywords first, then description). You should carefully select page-specific keywords. You need not restrict yourself to a strict translation of the English original - try to find keywords that you would use when searching for that page. In many cases, the description can be taken from the first sentences of the page.

Important. Both search engine fields must not contain any formatting or links!

Hint. The keywords of the published page are made up from the above page-specific keywords and from site-specific keywords that are defined elsewhere (in the "global.m4i" file). In reality, you never need to translate the keyword "chess" - except in global.m4i.

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