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  Example of makro usage

You can use several macros to achieve basic formatting of your translation. Even if you are free to use these commands as you like, you should closely observe their use in the English original text. The meaning of the text blocks should be the same in every language.

The following table displays the available macros. The coloured texts should be translated. Please leave everything else unchanged.

Available macros
L5(to be translated)
A link to another page. The link symbol and the parentheses (e.g. L1(...)) should be left unchanged. Please translate the text between the parentheses.
Some of these links have two parameters, separated by a vertical line "|". The second parameter is (in most cases) the "bubble help" that gets visible, when you move your mouse over the link. The vertical line should be left unchanged.
[NAME] A dynamic variable, which is determined at run time. Please leave these unchanged (brackets inclusive).
[1] … [9] A dynamic table parameter. In most cases, its meaning becomes clear from the context. Please do not modify that.
[#123] A special character, represented by its (Unicode-) number. Please use these characters similarly to the original text. Common characters are:
Non-breakable space. Is used instead of a normal space character (" "), if a line break should be prevented at this position.
Elipsis. Roughly corresponds to "...", but as a single character.
E(important text) Emphasized text. Important words are emphasized (color and cursive font). Please translate the text between the parentheses.
S(term) A special PlayChess term. Please translate the text between the parentheses, if this makes sense. Some of these terms should be left in English - especially, if acronyms of these terms are used elsewhere.
B(bold text) Bold text. Please translate the text between the parentheses.
DN([PLAYERNAME]) Display-Name. This macro replaces "_" by " " in its parameter. In most cases the parameter is a dynamical variable. Then, you need not translate anything.
BREAK Line break. The word "BREAK" (in upper case) will be replaced by a line break on the resulting page.

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