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The translation page

The translation page compares the contents of the translation files for English and the translated language.

Status section

  Translation status
At the top you see status information about your translation file:

  • File type: page or component
  • Translation state
  • Last modification
  • Translator
  • Who approved or declined the file?
  • Reservation (prevents access conflicts with other translators)
You should always check the translation status first. This information tells you if and what needs to be done with this file. If the Translator line is empty, the file should be translated. If the Approved by line is missing (as in the example), the file needs to be approved or declined.

If the file needs to be translated, proceed to the translation section below.

Translation section

On the left side are the input fields for your translation. On the right side you see the English original text.

The input fields grow with the amount of text entered by you (similar to move messages). The length of the translated text is not limited.

Translation page for a page template

A field contains a copy of the English text, if it has not been translated before. Else you see the previously stored translation. Translate each box and use the Makros similarily to the English version (see following pages). You should not translate "word by word", but adapt it to the linguistic usage of your language.

Hint. You can cut off your internet connection, while working on this page alone. Reconnect before you click on any button, then.


Above (and below) are buttons to store your translation. Use the Store button, if you plan to continue with this translation later. You can check your translations of page templates with the Test button. Select the Approve button, if you translated all fields of this file. Then, another team member can cross-check your translation and approve it.

There is no such Test button for components. However, when you store your translation, all pages using this component will be updated automatically. If you visit one of these pages, you can see your translated component.

Translation links

Tutorial links

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