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Translation workflow

There are two different approaches: You can tranlate a single page by clicking on one of the Translate links that are (for translators) on every page. Or you can go to your Translator's homepage. There you find the list of files waiting for translation.

Single files

  Translation link at the top of each page

At the top and bottom of each page you see a Translate link leading to the edit page, where you can enter (or change) your translation.

  Translation link at the bottom of each page

From then on, you will see that page in the translated version.

Translator's homepage

Translators find a link to the translator's homepage on their player homepage. The similarity of the page names is intended: as you find your running games on your player homepage, you will find the "running" translations on your translator's homepage.

Translation homepage

These files are normally ordered by priority. Near the top are those files where you are "to move". These files need your attention first.

  • Important pages.
  • Pages translated by someone else, waiting to be approved by you.
  • Pages you have worked upon, but did not finish.
  • Pages translated by you that have been declined by one of your team mates. Your translation probably needs some corrections.

At the start, there will be many files on your translator's homepage. Don't panic, this list will shrink quickly. You are not working alone, but in a team of translators.

Later, when most pages have been translated, only new or changed pages will need your attention.

Translation links

Tutorial links

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